3D Video Projections

Speaking Facades

3D video projections at historical locations

Massive crowds of protesters have gathered on Alexanderplatz. Many of them bear banners with slogans such as: “Free elections not fraud” and “The people say “No!” to SED”. Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to the square on this evening of 4 November 1989, where the biggest demonstration in GDR history is taking place.

“It is as if someone had flung open the windows”, commented writer Stefan Heym. During the festival week, visitors could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of 1989/90 at the scenes of the Peaceful Revolution through 3D video projections on building facades that brought the events of this tumultuous period back to the cityscape.

An experience for all the senses

Combining historical film footage with stunning light and sound effects, these 3D video projections offered a unique media art experience. Interacting with the architecture on location, the projections brought the story of the Peaceful Revolution to life at the sites where it unfolded. Video projections were displayed at festival venues at Gethsemane Church, Alexanderplatz, Kurfürstendamm, the former Stasi headquarters, Schlossplatz and East Side Gallery. All projections ran on a 15-minute loop throughout the evening. You could experience the 3D video projections throughout the festival week after dark.

The 3D video projections were developed by Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with URBANSCREEN.