“Done with Courage”

Done with Courage – The film project

Short films made by children and youths about the fall of the Berlin Wall

For most young people today, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Peaceful Revolution are the stuff of history books and family anecdotes. But as time passes, it is important that we keep history alive and engage with its legacy. The past has much to teach us and the thoughts of people thirty years ago are not so far removed from the debates and controversies of today. The “Done with Courage” film project offered children and young people the chance to create short films and share their views on the Berlin Wall, the fall of the Wall, and the walls that they face today.

What is courage? How does courage differ today from thirty years ago? Where are the walls of today? What kind of courage does it take to tear down walls and bring about change?
As part of this project, school classes and youth groups from across Berlin explored these questions and produced short films that capture their thoughts and experiences in a range of formats – from animation to music videos and from documentary pieces to interviews.
You can view the films here.

In special workshops organized in cooperation with project partner ALEX Berlin, the children and young people participating in this project were able to learn film-making and editing techniques and to discuss and develop their ideas.

The films produced during this project were presented in their entirety at two events at the festival pavilion on Alexanderplatz. A selection of films was shown at the “Done with Courage” Film Presentation at an exclusive premiere event.