1989 in Berlin

1989 in Berlin

The political scientist Ingo Juchler talks about his book "1989 in Berlin – Schauplätze der friedlichen Revolution“ [1989 in Berlin – Scenes of the Peaceful Revolution]

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East Berlin, as the capital city of the GDR, was an important focal point of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. In his new book, entitled “1989 in Berlin – Schauplätze der friedlichen Revolution”, Ingo Juchler visits the scenes of key events that led to the Revolution, following an arc from the failed East German uprising of 1953 to the protest movement of the 1970s, through to the mass demonstrations in autumn 1989 and finally the events surrounding the fall of the Wall. The author discusses his book with contemporary witness Ulrike Poppe.

1989 in Berlin – Schauplätze der Friedlichen Revolution by Ingo Juchler. Published in 2019 by be.bra Verlag.
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