30 Years of Berlin Mitte

30 Years of Berlin Mitte

A multimedia presentation of the photographic collection "30 Years of Berlin Mitte", by photographer Sven Hagolani.

Wheelchair accessible
English: interpretation, German, Sign language

Sven Hagolani’s multimedia presentation offers a personal perspective rich in anecdote on the history of Berlin since the fall of the Wall. His photographs and videos bear moving witness to life in the city since 1990. Hagolani photographed the social scenes of Berlin and documented the transformation of key locations such as Potsdamer Platz, the Government Quarter, Alexanderplatz and the Central Railway Station. His photographs, accompanied by Marc Dannenbaum’s texts, were recently published in a book entitled “30 Years of Berlin Mitte”.

Published in October 2019 by Verlag Ingo Goessgen, Berlin.