4-11-89 Theater der Revolution

4-11-89 Theatre of the Revolution

Wheelchair accessible

Alexanderplatz, 4 November 1989: Hundreds of thousands of people negotiate the future of the GDR on the streets. There are speeches, whistles, celebrations and cheeky placards. The theatre collective PKRK (PanzerkreuzerRotkäppchen) will bring the largest public demonstration in the GDR to life as a “Theater der Revolution” with sound, acting and dance, 60 women and a punk. How did the demonstrators feel at the time? Find out on Alexanderplatz on 4.11.2019.

Director: S. Neuenfeldt; Dramaturgy: S. Strick; Stage: W. Türk; Choreography: M. Möller-Engemann; Music: H. Narva; Lighting: H. Duhn; Assistant: R. Pfützenreuter; PR: F. Jürgens; Research: A. Stiede; Video: E. Schubert and A. Gotscheff; Sound: T. Schleinitz