All Along The Watchtower

All Along The Watchtower

Counting Voices

Actress Inés Burdow will read texts on the topic “Cold War”. Musical accompaniment will be provided by the guitarist Nora Buschmann, as well as Rex Joswig, singer and band leader of “Herbst in Peking” and “!The Same”.

During the performance, photography and film projections by the photographer Robert Conrad will document the GDR era: From watchtowers to the death strip at the Wall to situations of the Peaceful Revolution.
Nora Buschmann – classical guitar, head of production
Inés Burdow – actress, author
Rex Joswig – singer, bands – Herbst in Peking/The Same
Robert Conrad – photographer / engineer, photo/film presentation “99 Mauerbilder”
Frank Diersch – image design
Margrit Kühl – coordination