Upheaval, Euphoria and Chaos: Berlin after the Wall

Upheaval, Euphoria and Chaos: Berlin after the Wall

A discussion with contemporary witnesses about the mood of those days.

Brandenburg Gate,
Programme pavilion
Wheelchair accessible
English: interpretation, German, Sign language

The Fall of the Berlin Wall sealed the fate of the East German dictatorship, and suddenly new horizons appeared. The iconic images of that day show joyous crowds of people pouring into the streets of West Berlin and the uncertain expressions of border guards at the Brandenburg Gate. In a discussion with contemporary witnesses from East and West about the events and mood of those days, we ask how West Berlin police coped with the commotion in the city, what went through the minds of the suddenly redundant border guards, and why everyone wanted to drive down Kurfürstendamm.

Panellists: Michael Brack, Siggi Grünewald, Georg Schertz, Tom Sello, Tatjana Sterneberg, and Frank Tempel. Moderator: Jens Schöne. In collaboration with Berlin’s Office for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany.