The Peacefulness of 9 November 1989

The Peacefulness of 9 November 1989

Screening of the ZDF documentary „Die letzte Truppe und der Fall der Mauer“ (The Last Fireteam and the Fall of the Wall) followed by discussion

Original Voices
Brandenburg Gate
Wheelchair accessible
English: interpretation, German, Sign language

Journalist Christhard Läpple, who directed “Die letzte Truppe und der Fall der Mauer”, recalls: “As a young reporter at the Brandenburg Gate on the 9th of November, I encountered more people celebrating peacefully together than ever before. They came from both East and West, and were united in their desire to take their fate into their own hands. Not a single shot was fired. The border regime was history, buried to cries of “Wahnsinn!” (Awesome!) on 9 November 1989. Let’s remember those hours when the Wall fell – a wall that brought so much suffering and death – and consider where this serendipitous moment in German history has taken us.”

The evening will open with eyewitness accounts by Mr Pieloth and West Berliner Renate Weier, who was at the Wall that evening. This will be followed by a brief introduction and the screening of this 45-minute documentary.

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