How We Played the Revolution

How We Played the Revolution

International Voices
Gethsemane Church
Wheelchair accessible
English subtitle, Multiple languages

In 1984 a group of architects in Kaunas, Lithuania, decided to form a band as a New Year’s joke. What started as a jape would soon become a “singing revolution”: The new, exciting rock band “Antis”. Impressive make-up and thrilling backdrops, stylized stage shows and song texts all came together as a caricature of Soviet propaganda, mocking the absurdity of Soviet reality in its pure form.

Original title: Kaip mes žaidėme revoliuciją
Lithuania, France; 2011; English, Lithuanian, Russian, English subtitles; 72 min.; Director: Giedrė Žickytė; This film is presented as part of “Der Baltische Weg” in cooperation with the embassies of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.