Mauern & Grenzen

Walls & Borders

Brandenburg Gate
Wheelchair accessible
English subtitle, Multiple languages

7 short films in 76 minutes. Childhood at the Berlin Wall and the question of how it looked on the other side. Occasionally one can see people and border guards over there. Now the Wall at the East Side Gallery is very colourful, but grey walls are back in fashion around the world. Guarded even in winter, they become bizarre between Mexico and the USA. In Munich, “foreigners” are to be confined in a compound. Football inspires hope and even friendship at the border fence.

The films: The Neverending Wall, M.A.M.O.N., The Other Side, Minden Rendben, Ein Blick, Die andere Seite, Biotop. Followed by a Q+A with Ellie Land; Moderator: Anna v. Haebler. English translation: Julia Droege. A cooperation with interfilm Berlin.