Migration & Minderheiten

Migration & Minorities

East Side Gallery
Wheelchair accessible
English subtitle, Multiple languages

7 short films in 80 minutes. Whatever happened to the guest workers from Mozambique who once worked in the GDR? What was it like back then, when Vietnamese citizens arrived in East Germany? What did immigrants and Germans with an immigrant background experience after the fall of the Wall? Refugees have never had it easy, and even railway ticket inspections can prove humiliating. And finally: A fishing boat finds a mobile phone in a plastic bag on the high seas. It rings.

The films: Sorge ‘87, Auch mein Mauerfall, Meinungsaustausch, Vermine, Imbiss, Uno, Fremd im eigenen Land. Followed by a Q+A with Thanh Nguyen Phuong; Moderator: Anna v. Haebler. English translation: Julia Droege. A cooperation with interfilm Berlin.