Montags in Dresden

Merkel must go

Wheelchair accessible
English subtitle, German

Their names are René, Sabine, Daniel. Three among thousands who parade through Dresden every Monday as “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the Western World” (PEGIDA). They shout “We are the People!” and demand “Merkel must go!”. Director Sabine Michel accompanied them over the course of a year. MONTAGS IN DRESDEN examines the private reasons for the patriotic rebellion, and addresses the real and absurd fears of the present. Followed by an audience discussion with the director and Kathrin Schuchardt.

Montags in Dresden (D, 2017, 83 Min)
International title: Merkel Must Go; Director: Sabine Michel; Camera: Martin Langner; Editor: Vinzent Kutsche;
In cooperation with solo:film.