No Democracy without Women – The New Beginning of ’89

No Democracy without Women – The New Beginning of '89

A discussion with contemporary witnesses about women and what led them to participate in the Peaceful Revolution.

Women's Voices
Brandenburg Gate,
Programme pavilion
Wheelchair accessible
English: interpretation, German, Sign language

“In the current situation of social upheaval, the interests of women have so far played a subordinate role.” Thus began the appeal to establish an autonomous women’s association in November 1989. It was hoped that this organization, despite representing a broad range of demands and positions within the women’s movement, might act as a political force during the revolution. Otherwise, it was feared, there would be a “further deterioration in the social standing of women” and a “renewed exclusion of women from important political and economic decisions”.

The panel consists of Ruth Misselwitz, Samirah Kenawi and Jutta Seidel, with Astrid Landero moderating.