Opposition & Subkultur

Opposition & Subculture

English subtitle, Multiple languages

7 short films in 90 minutes. Resistance in divided Germany and today: In the West they danced on the Wall, while the alternative scene in Prenzlauer Berg searched for freedom, and people were imprisoned in the women’s prison in Hoheneck. Opposition and subculture worldwide. Activists create a stir in Sweden, a Kurdish mother forced to wear an electronic shackle can no longer reach her chicken-coop, in Mexico a journalist fights the mafia, in England naked men run through the village.

The films: Berliner Blau, Heap of Trouble, Juck, Franco, Are you listening mother?, Kaputt, Einmal in der Woche schrein. Followed by a Q+A with Peter Wensierski, moderator Anna v. Haebler. English translation: Julia Droege. A cooperation with interfilm Berlin.

PLEASE NOTE: on November 5th the program will take place in the cinema Colosseum hall 8 Schönhauser-Allee 123.