Sehnsüchte & Hoffnungen

Sehnsüchte & Hoffnungen

Silent Voices
Wheelchair accessible
English subtitle, Multiple languages

6 short films in 86 minutes. With the fall of the Wall, the “East German” initially feels like “Hans im Glück”, a lucky guy, but he is soon overtaken by capitalism and the pressure to make a profit. Money is short and the job centre demands modern-day flexibility. Fights for survival develop at work and in private. The credo: each fights against the other. There are memories of summer 1987, when families drove on holiday to the Baltic Sea with Trabant and trailer.

The films: Hans im Glück, Corp., On Wednesdays, Die Umschulung, May Day, Die Weite suchen. Followed by a Q+A with Falk Schuster; Moderator: Anna v. Haebler. English translation: Julia Droege. A cooperation with interfilm Berlin.