Überwachung & Machtapparat

Surveillance & Control

International Voices
The former Stasi headquarters
English subtitle, Multiple languages

5 short films in 90 minutes. In a documentary, the photographer Harald Hauswald tells of being observed by the Stasi. There are also memories of the Stasi headquarters in Normannenstraße, and concern is fuelled that social media and new technologies also lead to persecution. Police violence can at times seem almost parodistic, but a true case of the disappearance of a child in the GDR transports us back to practices of the SED regime.

Films: Etat d’alert sa mère!, I know you from somewhere, Radfahrer, Normannenstraße, Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler. Q+A with Harald Hauswald; Moderator: Anna v. Haebler. English translation: Julia Droege. A cooperation with interfilm Berlin.