Visions in Motion

„Visions in Motion“

Art installation

Brandenburg Gate
Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly

The Peaceful Revolution was driven by the wishes, hopes, demands, and aspirations of countless people. Raising their voices in protest, they used banners and ribbons to express their desire for a better and more democratic future. “Visions in Motion” is an art installation comprising 30,000 ribbons that bear aloft the wishes, hopes, and memories of 30,000 people today. This hand-crafted work will float in the skies above Berlin, spanning over one hundred metres between the Brandenburg Gate and Straße des 17. Juni.

At hundreds of workshops and events held over the past few months in schools and churches, on the streets and at festivals, thousands of people have explored the story of this tumultuous period. What role does the fall of the Berlin Wall play in your life story? What challenges do we still have to overcome? What opportunities does this legacy present for future generations? Do you have something to say about this?

“Visions in Motion” is an art installation created by US-American artist Patrick Shearn and his studio Poetic Kinetics, curated by Kulturprojekte Berlin. Further information about “Visions in Motion”.