Was hier jetzt ist, was hier einst war – Lichtinstallation

Was hier jetzt ist, was hier einst war (What is here now, what was here once.) – light installation

Silent Voices
East Side Gallery
Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly
Multiple languages

The artist Rainer W. Gottemeier has installed an axis of light in the Spree near the Oberbaumbrücke, consisting of floating, luminescent rod and surface marker buoys. Along ca. 150 metres, the 50 neo rod buoys and 140 blinking rescue lamps symbolize a reflection on the borderline, line of sight, and the history of this place between the West Berlin district of Kreuzberg and the East Berlin district of Friedrichshain. The once unsurmountable border is thus contrasted with a transparent veil of light.

The floating artwork is installed on the Spree and can be viewed from the banks of the East Side Gallery. A cooperation with the Berlin Wall Foundation.