How will we live as a city?

How will we live as a city?

A panel discusses issues of sustainability and justice, posing the question, what will Berlin be like in 2039, 50 years after the fall of the Wall?

East Side Gallery,
Programme pavilion
Wheelchair accessible
English: interpretation, German

Sustainability is an existential issue for urban communities. The climate emergency demands not only new technologies and approaches, but also new ways of building and living in urban spaces. But at present Berlin’s real estate market seems almost to be going in the opposite direction. In this context, how can awareness of sustainability lead to new ideas for urban living? What might Berlin be like in 2039, 50 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall?


Katrin Lompscher (Senator for Urban Development and Housing)
Arno Brandlhuber (Architect and urban planner, Berlin)
Quang-Anh Paasch (Press Officer, Fridays for Future Berlin)
Alicia Agustin (Author, performance artist, Berlin) will develop a musical performance for the format.

In collaboration with ARCH+ magazine, taking up themes developed in the exhibition “1989–2019: Politics of Space in the New Berlin”, a joint venture by ARCH+ and Neuer Berlin Kunstverein (n.b.k.).