The seat of power

Held on 18 March 1990, the first and only democratic elections in GDR history represented the greatest success of the Peaceful Revolution and marked the demise of the SED regime. A new, freely-elected parliament held session in the Palace of the Republic. In the years of the SED’s dictatorship, the government headquarters, foreign ministry, and the party headquarters of the SED had all been located in the immediate vicinity. This was the seat of power in the GDR. In the autumn of 1989 the Palace of the Republic had become a focal point for protesters. On 7 October thousands had demonstrated here for democratic reforms, while the official celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the GDR took place inside. On 24 October, people gathered to demand the resignation of Egon Krenz, who had been elected the GDR’s new head of state that day. And the largest demonstration in the history of the GDR, held on 4 November, also paraded past the seat of the GDR’s rubber-stamp parliament. The elections in March 1990 paved the way towards a more democratic society and were an important step towards the reunification of Germany, with those parties that had promised a rapid unification winning over 75 percent of all votes cast.


In addition to the open-air exhibition and the numerous events at the Marx-Engels-Forum, large-format 3D video projections were also displayed on Schlossplatz throughout the festival week.

Travel info: Schlossplatz

Marx-Engels-Forum, 10178 Berlin
Tram: 12, 50, M1, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10
Bus: 100, 200, 245, 300


This venue is barrier-free throughout and equipped with a barrier-free bathroom.