The Festival Week

30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution – Fall of the Berlin Wall

A week of festivities across Berlin in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Wall from 4 – 10 November 2019

The festival was an opportunity to celebrate the courage of those citizens who stood up for freedom and human rights in 1989/90 and to engage with the challenges facing us today and in the future.

7 Days – 7 Locations

You could explore the historical events and their backgrounds at an open-air exhibition spanning seven locations linked to the Peaceful Revolution in Berlin: Gethsemane Church, Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, Kurfürstendamm, the former Stasi headquartersSchlossplatz and East Side Gallery. Stunning 3D video projections displayed on building façades at each of the seven festival venues brought to life the events that had unfolded there during this tumultuous period. For a fresh perspective on the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall, enter the augmented reality of the MauAR app and Facebook Messenger. Across all of these formats, our retelling of the Peaceful Revolution was embedded within a wealth of personal testimonies and reports. Throughout the festival week, programme pavilions at, in or around the seven historical locations hosted free concerts, film screenings, theatre performances, readings and numerous other events. The full programme can be downloaded here (PDF).

The festivities culminated in a musical extravaganza and stage show at the Brandenburg Gate on the evening of 9 November to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Next to the Brandenburg Gate, the art installation “Visions in Motion” floated in the skies above Berlin over Straße des 17. Juni throughout the festival week – a spectacular work of art incorporating 30,000 messages with the wishes, hopes and dreams of people from all over the world.